Thailand 2011 (II)

In Chalong, little more than half a kilometre or so from my friends at Sea Bees Diving, there is an absolutely amazing Orchid Farm, which is open to the public most days.

It’s a quite remarkable place to visit, with a seemingly endless variety of different orchid species on show. It is fascinating to see how they are grown, with many of them requiring neither soil nor water and instead they are grown in little more than a suspended mesh, with water being absorbed from the high moisture content of the atmosphere.

The lady I spoke with, Claudia, seems very knowledgeable of the many species being cultivated and her passion for these exquisite plants really shines through. Well worth an hour or two, if you ever visit the area.

(Please note: I apologise for the fact that the quality of both focus and composition of most of these images is lacking… I was a bit mesmerised and not paying enough attention… but I still think they are worth it…