Thailand 2011 (I)

I think the fact that this is the first post to this blog in a year – and one which carries on, in Phuket, Thailand, where the last left off – might be living proof of the truth in the saying, “Life is What Happens Whilst You’re Making Other Plans.”

Just a little west of Phuket Town Centre is a place known as Rang Hill, which is famous for a troop of (incredibly bold) wild monkeys. There are some spectacular views over Phuket Town, out to Au Chalong (Chalong Bay) and the inner islands.

There is also the fantastic Tunk Ka Cafe, perched on one corner of Rang hill and sharing the fabulous views.

And then there are the monkeys. Be warned: they are partial to pretty much any food or drink you might purchase – and they are both agile and bold enough to snatch it from your hand!