Weyhill Hawk Conservancy (III)

Another sunny day in May, another trip to Weyhill near Andover. Accompanied by my Father, we spent the day at the Hawk Conservancy, armed with a couple of decent cameras (a Canon EOS40D and a 7D) and lenses (70-200mm and 100-400mm) and did our best to produce centred, in-focus shots of birds in flight with close to half-decent exposure. Conclusion? It’s an awful lot harder than it looks! It’s not unusual to take 300, 400, 500 or more shots in a day, only to find the entire shoot yields perhaps 5 “keepers”. I did learn a useful tip recently, however, which is to be absolutely ruthless when selecting the images to keep. Retain a few “moderate” shots and the overall impact of that portfolio tends to be diminished. Even so, a couple of these are marginal with respect to exposure… Time to learn a bit more about Photoshop [and the camera, of course!]