So… where to begin?

Welcome to “just another” in the myriad of personal web spaces to be found scattered around the Internet. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to what you’ll find here, other than miscellaneous technology rants, a few photographs,  and random updates.

Of the equally numerous and likely diverse reasons that might qualify as answers to the question: “why?”, the following might have to suffice…

1. As a bit of Technology-Related “fun”… setting up, configuring, populating and working with a dedicated “blogging engine” (this site uses WordPress, the most popular platform for all web sites on the Internet today), this continues to be an educational and usually enjoyable experience.

2. As an alternative to Conglomerate solutions… as a professional technologist, I am very much aware of and deeply horrified by the invasive, predatory and potentially destructive intrusion of ‘social media’ in our lives. [ I reserve particular scorn for the likes of Facebook]. In a way, then, I like to think of this site as a part of the Resistance against the Empire – a tiny little voice that tries to show that there is “another way”.

3. As a side effect of wanting to keep my email traffic away from “big business” – i.e. to avoid using Hotmail, GMail or my ISP’s email services for anything not throw-away. Having my own, registered domain allows me to do this… It’s no more or less secure than Hotmail or GMail, but at least I can be reasonably sure that the providers aren’t scanning my emails to build up a social profile of my contacts, or reading the emails to send me targeted advertising. Yet.