Thailand 2008 (VII)

Another medley of images from Phuket. The “Big Buddha” that watches over Au Chalong has an amazing haircut – shown in the first image. The second is a shot of one of the beaches in the Similan Islands. In the trees of the headland, if you look closely, you will see some well concealed buildings. These are part of the holiday home complex used by the Royal Family. The third (central) image is of a fresh fruit stall that opens during the day on the high street that spans the headland between Karon beach and Kata beach on the west coast of Phuket Island. There is a truly amazing selection there, every day. The last two images on this post are taken from a Sea Canoe tour of Phang Nga bay. Up towards the north end of Phuket Island (actually very close to what is commonly known as “James Bond Island”) are a number of larger limestone pinnacles. Because the stone dissolves in water, the tidal zone of each of these islands has become an incredibly complex series of caves and rocky overhangs. In these two shots you can see some of the limestone “tears” that are caused when rainwater starts to dissolve the rock. The overhang is literally vast – it cuts more than 15 metres under the island from the “true edge” back to where the sea has eroded it, yet the stone above it seems relatively secure. Not that I’d want to try climbing it, you understand!