Thailand 2008 (VI)

Here’s a bit of a mix of images… The first is the sheltered portion of the so-called “Donald Duck Bay” in the Similan Islands, which takes it’s name from a curiously shaped rock, on the ridge that edges the bay. The next two shots are a couple of luxury yachts that we encountered whilst adjacent to “Island 4” in the Similan chain. This is the island that has a small naval base on one side, and also a holiday home for use by the Royal Family in a secluded spot atop a ridge that overlooks one of the bays. Next we have another green sea turtle, who seemed to enjoy the banana that we were offering by way of a snack, but wanted to pull funny faces at us nonetheless. Lastly, a shot taken from Kata beach, back on Phuket. The portion of land in the shot is actually a section of “Koh Poo” Island, and if you look to the left of this you will clearly see a water spout, which hovered off the shore for more than 20 minutes. In fact, at one point in time, there were three to be seen all together.