Thailand 2011 (VI)

In continuation of my earlier post, here is a second selection of images taken during my visit to Phuket Orchid Farm, a venue that has to be an orchid-lover’s paradise, not to mention a fantastic place for anyone with a camera… It’s so easy to lose yourself for a couple of hours as you wander the rows and rows of plants. Perhaps it’s the near-endless variety of the different species; maybe it’s the heady scents from these fragrant blooms – whatever the reason, you’ll struggle to make a short visit here. As I explored, I recall starting to sense patterns in the shape and colours of the orchids on display. I rather fancied the idea that I was picking up where certain species had been cross-pollinated with neighbours, to produce an all-new and even more exotic hybrid. Almost certainly complete bunkum on my part – I am quite certain that orchid breeding is far more complicated than that… but it was quite a fun thing to do.

Oh, and I appreciate that the last image – the flowerpots – isn’t strictly an orchid – but I just liked the shapes and textures in the shot…

Canon EOS 7D with Canon 24-70mm f2.8L Lens