Thailand 2008 (IV)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the experiences of Thailand in January and February were sufficient to prompt a return visit in November the same year. Again for three weeks’ duration, this visit was going to be an opportunity to get some quality diving experiences. The first week was spent completing both the Enriched Air [Nitrox] and Advanced Open Water PADI Courses. Then the middle 6 days were spent aboard the Marco Polo, Sea-Bees live-aboard cruise ship that visits the Similan Island National Park every week during the high season.

Thailand 2008 (III)

Another assortment of images from Phuket. The truck containing it’s load of “green” coconuts (they still have the outer husk in place) was so heavily laden that as it drove up the road to this parking spot, the sound of tyres scraping  wheel arches was frighteningly loud.

The temple is one of a couple of exquisite Chinese shrines to be found in Phuket Town, and date back to when Phuket had an active tin mining industry. Chinese families moved to the island and settled, and now there is a vibrant local community. Karon beach is peaceful compared with the likes of Patong, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks a lot of development.

Sandwiched neatly between the local football stadium and the vast expanse that is the Hilton Hotel you will find a little parade of restaurants. During the day they seem quite sleepy, but let the sun go down and the neon lights fire up and they quickly become popular venues…

The last shot is of “The Beach” – made famous from the movie of the same name. The film brought a certain amount of notoriety to Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands, but for every person who thinks it was a good thing, there are 5 locals who think that the movie damaged the wildlife and has brought the blight of careless tourists to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Seeing the mindless pollution, I’m with those who think the movie was not a good thing for Phuket…