Weyhill Hawk Conservancy (II)

Last Friday I made a return trip to Weyhill, partly to see what was happening, partly to deliver some prints to a couple of the falconers, but largely to practice my [sadly lacking] photography skills. The [better] results are to be found below. This style of photography is still very much a learning experience for me, but one which I enjoy and to which Weyhill is so ideally suited. Each visit I seem to learn a little bit more about both my camera and the best way to capture a good shot, so every day spent there is well worth the effort.

To say nothing of it being a wonderful day out!

2007 Pedal Car Grand Prix

Every other year the New Forest Town of New Milton plays  host to street racing of a very specialised kind. Not the banshee howl of Formula One, but the slightly more sedate and far more interesting pedal-powered variety. More than 25 Teams, of 4 pedalists entered, with the objective being to cover as many laps as possible in the allotted time of two hours. Entrants ranged from the manic to the comic – and covered most points between!


Coastguard Callout

A pleasant and otherwise unremarkable stroll in a sleepy corner of the South Coast was briefly interrupted by the arrival of the Lee-on-Solent Coastguard Helicopter. Landing on a narrow strip of tidal beach, the helicopter picked up a stricken walker in order to gently lift them to the top of the cliffs and a waiting ambulance.

The whole process was smooth, slick and well executed. Hopefully their passenger/patient is both grateful and none the worse for wear.

Verely Wood

Vereley Wood, in the New Forest, is one of the very oldest parts of the hunting grounds once set aside for Kings of the Realm. Here Beech, Oak and Ash trees grow to 300 or more years of age and stand, with solemn dignity, as the world speeds by beneath them. Walk softly and you will be rewarded with sightings of rabbits, grey squirrels and roe deer, but, to be honest, it is the trees themselves that make this a special place.

Weyhill Hawk Conservancy Centre (I)

Tucked away near the village of Weyhill, near Andover, Hampshire, just south of the A303, you will find the Hawk Conservancy Centre. The Trust undertakes pioneering work for all species of raptors – birds of prey – ranging from caring for the injured through helping with international breeding programs to help preserve endangered species. There are daily flying displays throughout the summer – which makes the Trust a fantastic place for a day out, as the following images will hopefully demonstrate.

Canon EOS10D with Sigma 24-105mm Lens