Taz, Part 4

I think there is (or needs to be) a tradition which states that, just when you think things are going brilliantly well, a snag will come along that trips you up. The build of Taz was no exception to this rendition of Murphy’s Law. The guys at RapidPCs had worked (very) late into the night to put together dual cooling circuits, and get everything topped up with coolant ready for a good cycle of running-in testing, which typically consists of running performance tests to get everything nice and warm, then carefully watching temperatures and cooling system performance.

The preliminary work complete, the guys called it a night… only to return the following day and realise that the GPU wasn’t entirely straight in it’s PCI slot, and that a couple of the tubing runs were in need of some length adjustment. We had a chat about approach on Saturday, and Simon has the machine for another week so that he can continue to fine-tune to his satisfaction. We’re aiming for a really cracking finished article here, with the hope that we can use pictures to showcase the work and win some more business.

The really great news from this assembly, however, is that this system is practically silent, even under the kind of loads used in stress testing. Some of that comes down to good component selection; most of it to a really thoughtful build…

Taz, Part 3

As it turns out, my prediction of Taz being ready early was somewhat optimistic. Although the bulk of the build went extremely well [better than expected] the complexities of building two cooling circuits in one case soon surfaced – not least of which turned out the be the general unavailability of the reservoirs we’d originally chosen. But, from adversity we sometimes capture an advantage, and so things turned out here, in the form of a timely motherboard upgrade.

Well, put another way, in honour of the impending arrival of Taz, one of my friends offered me this absolutely spectacular motherboard upgrade. Needless to say, it was a big hit with the guys at RapidPCs!

Taz, Part 2

Popped in to see the guys at Rapid PCs on Saturday, just to see how Taz was progressing, and the news is beyond good. Simon has fitted the replacement PSU, the motherboard, CPU, the CPU water-cooling block and the RAM. He’s also fitted both radiators (though he’s still working on anchoring the smaller twin-fan unit) and equipped the triple-fan radiator with it’s ultra-quiet fans.

Yes, we’d have to concede that the beige/brown colour scheme of the fans isn’t exactly in keeping with the rest of the case… but my primary interest here is having something that’s ultra-quiet. The case isn’t windowed, so the interior won’t be on display, and I’m more concerned with near-silent operation. The picture probably doesn’t do it justice – this is a really great build…

Maybe a week or so to go, if I’m lucky… Whoot!